What Does a Senior Healthcare Assistant Do?

A senior healthcare assistant is not the same as a nurse, but it does include many aspects of a nursing position, such as medication administration, team leadership, and more. A senior healthcare assistant shows companionship and support in the customers' mental and physical activities, such as taking them shopping or to the movies, reading and photographing them, or conversing with them over cups of tea.

Key Skills

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    Emotional Intelligence
  • resilience icon
    Excellent Communication
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  • self-awareness icon
    Medicines Management
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Senior Healthcare Assistant Requirements by SHCA Recruitment Agency

A senior healthcare assistant needs to have the following requirements to get hired as an SHCA:

  • Healthcare certification training
  • Nursing diploma in the UK
  • Minimum 3+ years of experience as a Senior Care Assistant
  • Standard language score for nursing placement
  • NHS covid pass
  • Flexible with location

Skills of a Senior Healthcare Assistant in the UK

As a senior healthcare assistant, you need to have the following skills to fulfil your responsibilities:

Skills of a Senior Healthcare Assistant in the UK
  • Supervise Healthcare
    assistants 01
  • Critical Observation 02
  • Ensure the Safe
    Movement of
    Individuals 03
  • Administering medication
    to individuals 04
  • Dressing and Grooming 08
  • Emotional Support
    to Patients 07
  • Expert in changing
    pads and toileting
    assistance 06
  • Follow the code of
    conduct for healthcare
    professionals 05

Why Join Our Senior Healthcare Agency?

Our goal is to provide highly experienced senior healthcare professionals in healthcare organizations and care homes that are certified nursing staff we provide in different locations of the UK. Bytrix Hospitality has a strict recruitment process and standard criteria for hiring healthcare professionals. We know the sensitivity of this job and its requirements. Because of that, we recruit experienced senior healthcare assistants that are highly motivated and willing to take on these responsibilities.

What Benefits do We Provide for our Senior Healthcare Agency?

We always pay extra cash to our long-term senior healthcare assistants. With the help of our UK senior healthcare agency, we guarantee a minimum number of hours per week at any healthcare organization. This only applies to experienced senior healthcare professionals who have been affiliated with us for longer.

We firmly believe that hiring practices should be ethical and effective. After completing your recruitment process, our recruitment team will give you information about the neighbourhood where you will be working.

If you're seeking employment as a senior healthcare assistant. You can get in touch with our healthcare recruitment agency immediately because we are always on the hunt to hire talented SHCAs who could start working in various care facilities, nursing homes, and hospitals.

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